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Do you have Finnish language books you no longer need or are willing to loan? Are you looking for Finnish language books? You've come to the right place! Check out the list of books in our library below. If you are interested in borrowing any of the books in the list or have any Finnish language books you would like to lend, donate, or sell a please contact

Please note that this is a coordination library. We are not able to physically take any books you would like to donate, but ask that you provide the titles you would like to donate or loan out and we will coordinate with local Finnish readers interested in your books. All kinds of books welcome! Aku Ankka comics, children's books, poetry, novels, non-fiction, school work books, etc. Also any English language books on Finnish topics welcome as well as Swedish language books welcome.

Lending/Donation/Marketplace Library

Author (Last, First)TitleType/GenreGive/Loan/Sell
Utrio, KaariVaitelias perillinenNovelGive
Hietamies, LailaVierailla poluilla, oudoilla ovillaNovelGive
Joenpelto, Eeva Vesissa toinen silmaNovelGive
Hietamies, LailaMaa suuri ja avaraNovelGive
Utrio, KaariRuusulaaksoNovelGive
Mahmoody, BettyLastani ette saaMemoirGive
MacInnes, HelenTehtava SalzburgissaNovelGive
Kelly, CathyUudet tuuletNovelGive
Paju, ImbiSuomenlahden sisaretNovelGive
Istanmaki, SiskoPeiliShort StoriesLoan
Michener, JamesSayonaraNovelGive
Kahkonen, SirpaMustat morsiametNovelGive